Friday, November 12, 2010

Let's Take A Look At Mentalism

Okay, this first segment of the blog is going to try to inspire you to continue your learning in psychology and mentalism.  I'm sure a lot of you are familiar with the television show 'The Mentalist'.  The main character, Patrick Jane works with the Police.  The program, like any other crime show, goes over a particular case or series of cases where Jane is able to convict a suspect and solve the mystery.  He does this through mentalism.  If you ever get a chance to watch this series, I'd highly recommend doing so.

Mentalism can be defined as, "In psychology, mentalism refers to those branches of study that concentrate on mental perception and thought processes, like cognitive psychology".  It's an incredibly useful trait whether you work for the Police as an inspector or even if you just have an interest in what's going on around you.  If you're interested in learning more about mentalism, amongst other things, please stick around to read a few more posts!

About Call Me Paranoid

Call Me Paranoid was created on the 12th of November, 2010.  My name is Harvey, and for personal reasons, I shall not release my surname.  All you need to know is that I'm the kind of person who has an ability to see into others.  I'm able to study people in general conversation and learn a lot about them.  This is something we'll be discussing a lot over the next few years as this blog progresses.  You'll learn the art of mentalism and I'll even go over human manipulation - just to keep it interesting.

So, if you hadn't worked it out, CMP is a blog on mentalism, and my personal encounters with other people.  I'll be recording and analyzing hundreds of different scenarios, and teaching you how to do the same.  You'll learn a lot from me, and I'll open your eyes to a whole new world.

I will strip away the layers of human development and take you back to our roots.  It's believed that cave men were able to communicate with one another without using a language of any kind.  I want to teach you to exploit your senses and instincts to harness the true meanings of things.

Not only will this stimulate your intellect in a way never before experienced, but it'll also make you a more understanding and alert person.

Welcome To Call Me Paranoid!

Ever wanted to be able to read someone like a book?  Ever wanted to know exactly what someone was thinking?  Have you ever wanted to know where someone was going or what they were doing?  My name's Harvey and I've created this blog for a very important reason.  Human beings have dominated the world for centuries.  We've developed incredibly complex systems in the technology industry, and pulled off countless physical feats.  This blog will be addressing a particular aspect of human interaction: communication. 

No, I will not be giving everyone tips on how to write or speak, yet I will be writing about how humans communicate and how we, as humans, can exploit the accepted conventions for our own betterment.  What I mean is, I'll be informally addressing various aspects of psychology and social queues displayed by people in a variety of different situations.  I'll be analyzing peoples' reactions to stimulus, peoples' thought patterns, and much more.  The purpose of this blog is to introduce everyone to the world of mentalism and show you various ways that you can exploit others' minds on a daily basis.

Read a few articles from within this blog if you'd like to experience my personal take on mentalism and how one can become a master social engineer.  I'll also be releasing premium content in the near future, which will only be accessible in the Mind Zone.  You'll hear more about this later.  Such content will include eBooks, guides, tutorials, and much more.

If you have any questions about Call Me Paranoid, or would simply like to talk to me, you can e-mail me at